Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Post: "Moving Forward with God’s Plan for Your Life."

Do you struggle with making choices?
Are you hesitant to do something, or even anything,
because you fear failing so bad you regret the decision?

What if I told you that God can take you and me,
remove us from prison, addictions, and a lifestyle of abuse,
to use us for something better?

Your failures will not disappear,
but you will find more success than ever dreamed of!

Would you agree to take the risk?

God gave us the Bible as His guidebook for life.
Do you read it? No?
Guess what... God can still use you!

First, begin each day with prayer.
You see, it begins with obedience,
and our willingness to seek Him each day.

While I was in prison I prayed for my wife, and those I left behind.
Often, I would get on the phone with her and ask,
“How can I pray for you?
Who else in our family & friends can I pray for?”
And each day, whether or not I was perfect at doing so,
I sought God in prayer.
I asked Him for wisdom, and His will to be done in my life.
I asked that He would use me to glorify Him, wherever I was.
And then I went one step further,
and I prayed that God would reveal Himself in other peoples lives.

Second, I looked for ways to reach out and help someone else.
Whether it was a word of encouragement,
or help with an exercise plan,
I found ways to help others improve their own lives.
Did others come to know God better through me?
I am not sure.
But my duty was to be obedient to God,
by seeking ways to reach out to others for help.
And He has made me successful,
in all the ways that bring Him glory from my life.

Now that I am back in the ‘world’,
I find more than enough opportunities to serve.

Dont seek ways to attain something for yourself,
but rather seek to become...
A better father,
and fellow citizen.

When I reach out beyond my comfort zone,
to help someone else,
even when I am not sure how I might assist,
I find God blesses me,
by more clearly leading me in His ways.

You wont be perfect, but that is not what God asks of you.
He seeks a deeper relationship with us,
and to know we will do His will in our lives.

What is God will? 
And what plans does He have for your life??

His plan is for you do it all for His glory,
whatever you are doing each day,
and He will bless you with knowing more of His plan for you.

I know where I am to spend my energy,
and I see the direct joy for myself and others,
when I walk in God’s ways for me.
I see the fruit of His blessing in my life,
but only when I humbly seek Him,
by reaching out to make myself available to serve in His name.

To God be the glory forever!

One day God will compare how much time and energy we spent on ourselves
compared with what we invested in serving others.
If you are not serving, you’re just existing,
because life is meant for ministry.
God wants you to learn to love and serve others unselfishly.”

-Rick Warren

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