Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Post: "Your Pain & Suffering Means... What?"

My instincts tell me that my suffering is unfair,
that my pain and discomfort are unreasonable.
This comes from my inner mind 
which focuses solely on my own feelings & desires.

This type of thinking helps no one,
and only resolves to make me bitter about my situation.

Rejection by others becomes resentment.
The pain I face becomes fearfulness.
The loss I experience becomes something else, 
which makes me feel alone,
and in that place I lose trust in other people,
until I isolate myself from others.
Depression is often the result.
And anger.

This can be my first response and reaction,
when I don't know how else to think or feel
about something I have no control over.
My dissatisfaction becomes a single focus...
in my own view of what is 'right and wrong'.
In other words, it all becomes about me.

Satan loves this kind of thinking.
It is the arrogance of mankind,
(which comes from fear and a lack of understanding):
that if something happens which seems unfair,
then we demand to know why,
and to find comfort in the answers.
But perhaps our ideas of right and wrong are simply too small.
Yet, if we cannot understand how the world works,
then why do we doubt God's plan?

If God is complex to us, then perhaps we can recognize
our own inability to grasp His reasons and accept them.
Let us simplify it like this ...

"Following Jesus is sometimes disappointing,
especially when we face pain & rejection.
That is because Christ did not come
to meet our expectations...
but to serve His Father - God, in heaven."

This life may be mine to live,
so I have the responsibility over the choices I make:
this thoughts, words, and actions I take each day.

I am responsible for building others up - 
or tearing them down.
I cannot control what happens in the world,
but I can control how I respond... even to my own hurts.

My pain and suffering does not have to be my end.
Instead it becomes - a powerful choice:
to live in my own agony,
or to reach out and help others.

And in this we learn to provide together,
that which we are unable to resist on our own.

"Though one may be overpowered, 
two can defend themselves. 
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Seek God, and work for the benefit of others,
and soon you will find new strength
to overcomes the struggles we are bound to face in this world.

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