Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Post: "Grateful Tears of Joy"

How often are you grateful for the days of life?

There are plenty of “bad-days” to be had.
More than one event can occur to ruin our outlook,
but it is the choice we make with each passing moment,
whether or not to allow an event to determine our outlook,
or our own inner thoughts for how we view and interact with the world.

Each day has enough problems to quickly become -
rough, difficult, or troublesome and heavy with strife.
But, we only need one reason to see life differently -
to see God at work and turn the day around for His glory.

Have you forgotten what it is like to be appreciative?
Traffic is terrible and you will miss something important.
What do you do?
Pray? Daydream? Learn? Call someone to catch-up??

I like to pray for a few minutes-
for those in my family, the people at my job, and the drivers around me.

I like to daydream-
create new thoughts about the world that I often wont ponder in a busy day.

I listen to audio books-
learning new ways to think, or a new story about triumph in life.

I make phone-calls(hands-free of course!),
and get to speak to people that I care about.

But when the events or life are too great for a distraction like these...
I pray again,
asking God to show me what I need to learn in this situation.
I ask God how I might see what is happening in a new “light”:
with a different view, so I can learn how to improve my attitude.
And you know what happens at the end of a day?
I am left seeing many more blessings than obstacles!

Prison was restrictive, but I clearly saw those who loved me most.

Job are difficult, but I see the income which provides for my family.

Friends pass-away and die, but I count the times we laughed together.

I become Rich with the blessings God shows me,
but only when I take the time to do an inventory -
for what He has provided, and which I may easily overlook.
And then I find grateful tears of joy,
for that which on God could provide me through asking Him.

Is your attitude reflective of the world around you,
or does it show the truth of what lives in your heart?

Don't let despair for the momentary issues of life determine your outlook-
but instead, replace old thinking with Gratitude for what you do possess:
the invaluable parts that can never be replaced,
and which will have a longer part in our memory
than any temporary trouble we may face.

“Trust in the Lord,
and lean not on your own understanding.”
For what we face today is often misunderstood in the moment.

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