Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Post: "Has Your Anger Become an Addiction?"

Anger is considered an emotional response
to a person’s interpretation of something which has happened,
and the associated reaction had as a result.
Is that clear to you?
Then let me ask this...

What makes you Angry?

Which instances in life cause you to get the most upset?
Whose fault is it when you become angry?
Do you blame others for making you feel this way?
How do you release that anger?
Does it become harmful to others?
Is there any regret when your anger comes out?

Anger is often more about how we perceive something,
which then becomes a reality only after we make a choice.

You and I can witness the same event,
yet we may not experience it in the same way.
One of us becomes angry about it,
but the other person does not.
Who is right?

Too often, our anger becomes a way to justify our behavior.
This means when I am angry,
I can blame someone else for causing it...
and thereby seek to excuse my behavior
as a simple response to stimulus of being “wronged”.

But, our anger is mainly reflective of what is happening within us...

Are we confident of ourselves - with faith in God?
Or are we fearful and full of doubt??

Let me be clear here: I believe anger comes from our fears.

It occurs when something is brought to our awareness
through knowledge of the “self”,
where Satan encourages us to see
only that which we lack as a result of such an event or incident.

If I hit you, are you required to become angry? No.
Especially if I strike you with a pillow!
And what if something happens which is more malicious?
But later you learn it was by complete accident in which it occurred?
Will you give up your anger?
Will you release it and instead
focus on using your energy in a more positive way?
Or will you hold onto your anger for motivation & energy??

Perhaps you always wanted to go to college...
and you worked hard to be accepted, 
but somehow it didnt happen.
Will you use the anger of your denial into college
as fuel for your next attempt?
And will you let it go later on once accepted??

Too often, we hold onto our anger, until it defines us,
and we no longer know how to live without it.
Sometimes we use it as power - or the “fuel-of-anger”,
and a way to become motivated every day,
as if the whole world is “against us”,
until we become the person no one wants to be around,
because we dont know how to enjoy life
without using the force of anger in our lives against others.
Then, anger becomes an addiction, and perhaps even our god.

Anger can be both good and bad,
positive or negative,
effective and useful,
or without purpose, harmful, and useless.

In short - if you are unsure
what your expression if anger will bring about,
then perhaps you should wait to ask yourself these questions:

  1. did this anger result because this event questions my worth?
  2. or does it steal joy from my future security?

Chances are, when you know who you are in Christ,
both of these questions can be easily answered,
and then your anger will seem unnecessary,
because you have hope in God,
and security of heaven in the future with Him for eternity!

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