Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Post: "Serving Others Even While In Your Prison"

“There are prisons made of concrete & steel,
prisons made of worn-down or broken flesh & bone,
and then there are prisons of the heart & mind...
which are the most difficult- 
yet rewarding to overcome.” -ZC

Have you lost a limb in battle?
Did your child die before their due time?
Are you fighting cancer?
Or perhaps watching as it ravages someone you love?

Do you struggle with addictions?
Or to break free from the anger of someone you live with?
Perhaps it is your own thoughts which is keeping you trapped;
fears of inadequacy, hopelessness, and feeling all alone.

When you are sick or injured, who do you think of most?
When we have family members who face trials,
it seems right for us to focus on them.
But when that time is over, what do you do next?
And when YOU are the one struggling,
how do you break free from the burdens which you face?

I struggle daily with my sins,
and in the past with death, war, and imprisonment,
but through Christ I have been able to overcome battles-
with depression, addiction, anger, low self-esteem,
and even what I considered as “un-deserved success”.

Yet when I read of the painful labors face by others,
I realize their life-conflicts were necessary...
for them to grow strong enough to serve God and others.

For example:
  • Nick Vujicic - born without arms or legs, yet has gone on to share Christ with over 4-Million people worldwide. You can see the Oprah interview with Nick HERE.
  • Joni Eareckson Tada - injured as a teenager to become a quadriplegic, has gone on to become an artist, author, musician, and has ministered to many who are disabled. You can read more about Joni HERE.
  • the Apostle Paul - who, when called by the name Saul, once persecuted the followers of Jesus, and later became an advocate for sharing Jesus as Christ, even through physical beatings, imprisonment, and threat of death by his own former colleagues.

Does this mean each day of your life
should be spent serving God
by leading others to Christ?
The answer may surprise you, but - No.

I was unable to lead anyone to Christ
while I served time in prison, but...
many have come to find hope
through the current day, real-life issues I have faced.

My days are spent more in finding new ways to love,
especially those who God has already placed in my life,
And to glorify His name wherever I am.

In other words- you may not have the words now,
nor the knowledge to help others come to know Christ,
but we can still be “a witness of God’s love” to others,
right where we are today.

“If you were accused of being a Christian at work -
would there be enough evidence to convict you?”
-Dr. Tony Evans

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