Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Break - Your Past

Taking a break this week from writing a typical post. 

In the meantime, consider this...

Your past doesn't have to determine your future.
Open your hands wide and release to God
that which has weighed you down until now.
Then, with your hands still open, wait...
to receive that which God has planned for you. 

God can do more with you 
when you are open to receive.
But if you cling tight to the past, 
with a firm grip on the pain of your experiences, 
you may never come to enjoy 
that which God has prepared to give you.

Case in point
Nelson Mandela may never have become an effective leader 
if he hadn't been willing to forgive, heal, 
and move forward in peace with great anticipation 
of what could become with a willing heart.

What are you willing to give up from your past 
in order to receive that which God has prepared for your future?

Believe! And trust in Him to provide more than you can imagine.

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