Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Post: "After Prison - A Minister for a Wedding??"

A few weeks ago, I wrote that I had the opportunity 
to do something I had never before considered...
to be the Minister for a Wedding Ceremony!

It was a blessing to share my thoughts about God
for the two young people I have come to know and love.

Today, I share some of the ideas which God gave me,
and that I used when giving the message.

I hope you enjoy the way God allowed me to be a blessing for them!

Marriage- is God's idea, and I believe it creates the type of environment where we can begin understand God better, and His love for us.
  1. it was His desire from the beginning to have a relationship, (with Him)
  2. it involves commitment, (2nd only to our commitment to God)
  3. it includes passionate desire for the other which appears even in scripture, (which He wants from as well)
  4. it creates times of joy, (which God longs to give us)
  5. and it creates the best environment for raising children, (which He provides as a gift to understand His love better)
  6. based on the practice of love - and not feelings,
  7. is a living symbol of Christ serving the Church.
What the past looked like, and how the future unfolds
  1. When you met and dated the first time, something held you back from moving forward.
  2. Later, You each developed in painful time alone.
  3. When you came to see one another again, you recognized that each had changed significantly.
  4. How have you seen the other change?
    1. A desire to please God, rather than other people, and
    2. learning to worship God, rather than own selfish desires.
  5. What would I say you also learned?
    1. That God heals us when we seek Him with all our heart, and
    2. that you each had to become the right person to find the right person.
  6. In the future I would say you will both resemble your parents:
    1. having a responsibility to serve others;
    2. connecting with others to care for them.
    3. I believe this will manifest in your lives through fellowship and ministry for God.
What are the duties and responsibilities of attendees?

  • Our attendance is not something they need from us, but which they ask of us as people who are important in their lives.
  • as such, our duty is to come alongside them to encourage their growth as husband/wife, mother/father, and to pursue God's best for their family,
  • to pray for them, even if we have no regular roles in their lives.
  • and I would add - to Share with them how you have seen them change…

Growing in Dependence
  • when we are born, we are completely dependent.
  • as we enter our teenage years, we begin to test & assert our independence from anyone and anything;
  • as we grow into a loving relationship with someone else, we learn what it is to be depended on, and we are forced to learn how to give up our own independence for the best of someone else.
  • we the attendees can often forget this, and I think this is why we are often so happy to see someone else getting married,
  • because we are reminded of what it is like to give ourselves completely to someone else, and I believe God has put this inside of us all because He wants us all to recognize our dependent need for Him above all else.
God alone provides what you need
  • God made you to love Him and you will never find everything you need in another person.
    • you will never find your purpose or happiness in yourself, or the person you marry.
  • Your responsibility is to love one another second only to your love for Christ,
    • and you honor God when you put the other person above everyone else,
  • You will never know all that is to come ahead:
    • the future is uncertain, but just as God has changed you both,
    • and brought you together through His plans,
    • you can believe in God to provide all that you need,
    • when you are sincere to seek Him and His Spirit.

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