Monday, September 2, 2013

New Post: “Hard-Times Requires Thinking Different”

Are you ‘there’ now?
In the middle of a tough situation,
stressed-out and frustrated,
ready to scream in anguish and give-up,
because it seems like ‘too much to handle.’

This ‘Post’ is late today on Labor Day, and I am glad because,
I had a heart-breaking yet wonderful conversation this past Saturday.

My father-in-law recently turned 72-years old.
He has experienced kidney failure,
and requires kidney dialysis (3)-days each week.
Each of these days he is wiped out afterwards,
and can do nothing but rest at home on the couch.
And after one-year, he has lost (60)-pounds of bodyweight.
His body has aged, and he now looks to be in his nineties,
(as told him by a 92-year old man who thought they were both the same age).

With no energy,
little strength to help around the house,
Dad is now depressed,
and sees little value to his life.

These hard-times have caught up to him emotionally,
and he sees himself as a burden to his family,
with nothing worthwhile he can add,
he is ready to call it “quits”,
give up, and give in to the end of his life.

Could you blame him?
What would you do?
Would you tell him this stage of life is a blessing from God?
Where he has cared for his family for so many years,
and now it is their turn to care for him??

He wont agree. And I think you can understand why.
But no matter what God would have dad know,
here is what I believe with all my heart:

1) We-his family, still enjoy his company, even if he is a burden.
Satan has told dad a terrible lie:
that if he has become a heavy anchor-weight,
then we cannot enjoy having him around,
and this could not be further from the truth.
For me, I enjoy watching dad interact with my children.
He smiles when my daughter tells hims wonderful stories,
of fairies, princesses, animals, and feels he is a part of her fantasy life.
When my son looks at dad and giggles, dad’s face lights-up!
If dad has become a burden, it is not too much for us to bare,
and we do so willingly because we love him.

2) Dad still has usefulness in sharing his experience and love with us.
Satan wants dad to believe there is no more benefit to his life,
that his worn-down physical state makes him more a drain than a gain.
For me, I like having dad weigh-in on our family plans and goals.
Dad can share his own life-experience, which I cannot gain without him.
He can also still give us loving words which come from a sharp mind.
Dads body may be used-up, but his mind is still active and good.
Satan would have dad believe that every area of life is essential
for their to be any merit in remaining alive.

Our own limited thinking + Satan’s lies do not determine truth.
The truth is:
God gives us value through His Son - Jesus Christ,
and we can find usefulness
when we seek the truth which God provides.

Dad is convinced he will not live another three-years to seventy-five,
so he and I have come up with a new plan:
its called “The Reverse Bucket-List.”

First - It will include all the things
which he would like to do with us if he were still alive.
Then I will work with the family to hepl us do those things in remembrance of him.

Second - we will work on writing letters to his wife, children, and grandchildren.
This will include words which he may have felt too embarrassed to speak aloud,
or too tired, busy, and depressed to say in the times available.

Do you see what happened there?
By God’s grace - dad now has a new way of thinking.
It will give him a different purpose, albeit a bit morose,
to which even he can feel he still has something to offer!

Now, what will You do?
Your remaining time in life may be short,
you may be incarcerated behind bars,
or in a prison from a broken-down body,
but God - still has plans to use you for His glory.

Will you open yourself to learn how?

Can you find a new way of thinking so your life still has value?

I believe you can.

But you must try… and Believe!

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