Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Post: “The Part I Play Now, 5-Years After Prison”

Do you ever question how your life will turn out?

“When we read about God’s mighty works and power throughout Scripture,
we see His hand in the beauty and breadth of creation.
And then when we look in the mirror,
We see a mess.
We see mistakes, disappointments, and missed opportunities.
How could God ever use us?
How could He ever find a purpose for us in His story?
But in spite of how we see ourselves…
God sees something else.

And when we take the time to investigate
the truth of His love for us,
we can learn how God has something more planned for us,
than we can ever hope to see on our own in the present moment.

I was sent to prison for 50-Months,
but was returned after 18-months.
I was sent to prison as a punishment,
but was able to help others earn their G.E.D.
I was sent to prison to be kept separate from society,
but was able to grow closer than ever to my wife.

Because I believe in God,
I could have become bitter toward Him during this time of discipline,
but instead I sought to live more in line with His Son - Jesus Christ.

The role God had for my life was new each day,
and I had the fun-responsibility of seeking it out.

Would I study God’s Word today?
Share the story of Christ with someone?
Could I teach someone a new life skill?
Would I be the ear for someone to tell the story they need heard?
Was their something I needed to learn?
Could I open my mind to be taught?
Was it time for me to practice a new skill on my own?
Could I comfort another in their pain?
Should I offer words of encouragement in their deepest despair?

This list could go on, but each day was different,
and it became an adventure that allowed me a new love-
for the life God has given me to serve Him and my fellow man.

The roles I play today are common for many men:
Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Neighbor, Employee.

Then there are the choices I make about the roles I play:
Leader, Mentor, Writer, Servant, Companion, Friend.

The list continues to grow- for now God has given me more,
and last week I wrote about how God used me as a Minister.

This was a daunting role to take on…
“It meant I had to do something unnatural,
turning my fears into a complete and total trust in God.
The watch Him do His miracle work and transform my situation
into a glorious tribute to His power and strength for marriage!

You may be on a well-paved road that leads to self-destruction,
because in the confusion you see no other path to take.

If you are looking for the quick turnaround,
where life all of a sudden life starts to make sense,
and you find new purpose for yourself,
it may be disappointing to discover,
that very likely you cannot learn this way on your own.

“Wide is the path that leads to death and oblivion,
and narrow is the gate which leads to freedom and life in Christ.”

What does this mean for you?
You may need help, to find a new path.
But that it can be found!
God can lead you to new opportunities for joy!

They will look completely different
from anything you may have expected,
but the roles you play may be more fulfilling,
than any you previously experienced.

Will you let God lead you in a new adventure?

What role do you want to play in His story??

(excerpts paraphrased from Steven Furtick, and Ron Edmondson)

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