Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Post: “Walking in God’s Freedom Brings Me His Blessings”

What does freedom look like for you?

If you live in a house with many people-
freedom may seem like quiet time alone.

When in the military- it may seem like freedom comes
when no one gives orders and tells you what to do.

When you are financially broke-
it may be an extra dollar to buy an ice-cream cone.

When your body is sick, frail, or missing a limb-
freedom may seem like the ability to walk, run, or swim.

When you are fighting with addictions-
it may be the first day you can breathe
without feeling the “sickened-pull” you struggle against daily.

If you are incarcerated,
freedom may seem like going to a theater,
drinking coffee in a store,
camping outside overnight,
or even riding a bus in traffic.

As I have learned to follow God and walk in his ways-
freedom has come by what He allows me to be challenged with.

Before I began walking more in-line
with God’s will for my life,
having children often seemed like too heavy a burden.
Now I see them as a gift from God to enjoy each day,
even when we wrestle with their tired cries against bedtime!

Taking my father-in-law to 5:00am Kidney-Dialysis,
gives us time to talk alone and laugh together.

When I am exhausted after a long day at work and in traffic,
God gives me freedom to discover new ways
to serve my family when I arrive home.

But my thinking must change from what I am missing,
to instead reflect on what God has provided me.

I get to pay income-taxes, because I now have a job.
I get to pay auto-insurance, because now I can drive again.
I spend two or more hours a day in traffic,
because I have a vehicle to drive,
a job to serve in, and a home to travel back to at night.
When I hear the cries of others in pain,
and I get to hold them, hug them, and love on them,
it is freedom that gives me hope that somehow I may help ease their burden.

And just when I begin to think I have learned to cope
with all the new responsibilities God has given me,
He allows me to learn something else through a new experience!

Most recently, it was the blessed burden of speaking in public-
in a formal setting where I served as a minister!

This was an experience I will share more about next week,
and in the interim I want you to know this:

the stress of preparing to speak as a minister in public,
was also enjoyable because I got to trust in God
to lead me in something new,
for which I never would have known,
had I not learned to walk in His freedom given me through Christ!

May you learn this week 
to walk more in God’s freedom,
and come to experience the full joy He has planned for you.

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