Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Post: “When the Role You Play - FAILS.”

We each have a ‘Role’ to play in life:
Whether its the job you have,
the family you inherited,
or the neighborhood where you reside.

We can probably agree there are many various ‘Roles’.
But what happens when your ‘Part’ - stinks?

I will challenge you with this notion:

When we learn to get better at our given Role,
the life we have IMPROVES - right where we are now!

As a dad, my day doesnt get better when I yell at my kids,
it improves when I stop what I am doing and focus on them.

As an employee, I dont get better at my job by complaining,
whether about an unreasonable boss, or lazy co-workers,
however it does improve when I learn to do my part better.

As a husband, the relationship with my wife doesnt get better,
until I improve at showing love, grace, and patience.

The church I attend doesnt get better when I point out deficiencies,
but it does improve when I take on a role that shows Christ in me.

Are you where you thought you’d be at this point in life?
I dont mean the final destination, the goals you are seeking…
but rather the joy you either have, or miss,
for where you are currently.

Looking forward to tomorrow and setting goals is good,
but if your life ends today…
it will have come at a high cost,
and thats why I say getting better at your current Role,
will improve both where you are today, AND...
your destination for tomorrow!

As an example - To the father imprisoned:
You may have been a father for years,
but never called ‘daddy’.
I dont care how many years you have been incarcerated,
if you want the relationship with your kids to improve…
get honest with them.
Write to them about your failures,
how you would do things different given the chance,
then tell them how you wish to improve NOW.
You may never get the reply you want, however…
the result may simply go unnoticed until…
they see a real change to truly believe
and give you another chance.

The same thing can be said for your wife, boss, friends, or neighbors;
tell them of your addiction, anger, self-centeredness, pride, whatever…
then let them know you want to improve,
and give them a reason to believe you will.

Show them what you say is ‘true’,
by showing up, and changing how you do things.

It doesnt take a 99% change to show an improvement,
it takes only a 1% change to make a start!

Then… build on that, and add another 1% tomorrow,
until you can smile at the day you’ve had,
knowing you did something to improve in your ‘Role.’

How can you improve today in the Roles you play?

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