Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Post: "How Do God & Other See You?"

When my life is at its worst,
I can easily create a twisted view of myself.

This comes from a mixture of feelings
that may erupt from Any of my experiences.
These experiences may be recent, or in the distant past.

When I was arrested, I was numb.
I had no idea what to think or say,
and my identity was challenged, so that I questioned myself.
And yet when I prayed to God, my situation did not improve,
but my view of myself changed to instead see myself through Him.
Yet this is not always the case in my day to day life,
especially when I make mistakes, or do things which hurt other people.

Such as when my boss questions why I did something;
or my wife disagrees with my plans,
or my daughter cries when I ask her to do something.
Why do they question me?
Or disagree with my thoughts and ideas?
Why wont they listen to my requests?
Dont they believe I am important?
Are my thoughts value?
Can they treat me with respect?

And then there are the distant memories
which come back to haunt me,
such as times when I have hurt others.

When the day becomes ‘rotten’
because everyone seems to be against you
it may not take much to set you in a downward spiral
until everything you are experiencing becomes a question...

Am I any good?
Is there anything in me which is worthwhile?
When am I going to be trusted again,
without having to repeatedly prove myself?
Do you ever feel this way?

Answering the unending questions & interrogations
can undermine us
because we suspect other people
dont trust us: our intentions, or thoughts.

There are two ways I have decided to face these situations:
  1. First, I look at their questions as being helpful.
    1. Is there another way in which I could do something?
    2. Is there a better alternative?
    3. Am I limiting my options because I am not listening?
    4. This means in each situation I must take the focus off of my own feelings, and instead search for something new to perhaps create another solution or answer which I had not thought of previously!
    5. this only happens though when i stop being defensive and quit thinking of myself as under attack.
  2. The second consideration recognizes the more insidious nature of Satan, because I must recognizes his role in undermining everything good in my life.
    1. Satan wants me to feel helpless and attacked,
    2. Satan wants me to become frustrated and depressed,
    3. Stan wants me to question my own value, and the value I hold with others in my life.
    4. But God! Has more love for me than I can ever imagine.

So when I was first imprisoned,
I realized my worth was not determined by my freedom,
the label given me of “Convicted-Felon”,
nor even by the time I would be incarcerated:
It is given me by God, by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ.

Satan wants me to question other people’s intentions
so that I also question myself,
but perhaps they truly want to learn from me,
and how I came to understanding my subject.

And perhaps each new challenging situation
is another opportunity to recognize the choices given me by God.
Such as when a driver on the freeway flips me off,
especially after I changed lanes without noticing him beside me.
Is he correct? Absolutely!
Am I a bad person all of a sudden? Not according to God!

Even when someone else tells me I am horrible for my mistakes,
I can call on the Lord who has redeemed me!
And the driver of the other car?
Perhaps this is a bad day for him,
and perhaps the choice I have is to not get offended,
and to instead pray for him - that he arrive home safely,
and that he may come to know the love of God,
and His blessings in his life!

How will you choose to see your daily challenges?

Next Post: When the Past Attacks!

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