Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Post: "I Dont Always Understand God, But..."

I sometimes struggle to comprehend God’s plans for humanity;
mostly because the current world disasters look so ominous.

And then there are the personal struggles we each face:
the pain of rejection,
our broken-down and hurting bodies,
the overpowering addictions,
the fears and letdowns from other people.

How long? 
When does it all end?
Is there anyone immune?
Does Anyone escape the effects of our sinful world?

The answer shocks and surprises me, and yet comforts me.

“Problems occur in every area of life.
Such as when the disciples needed rest,
but instead encountered a terrible storm.
The life of Christ followers
may have more stormy weather than calm seas.
Do not surrender to the stress,
but remain resilient and recover from setbacks.”

The twelve closest people to Christ
still experienced fear and potential death,
even while they walked beside Jesus.

After my prison sentence was shortened,
from 50-months to 18-months,
I thoughts things would get easier...
And in some ways it did.

However, I went three(3) years unemployed.
And when I finally got a job, I still couldn’t drive.
It took me riding the bus 2-hours each way.
I arose at 3:30am to catch a bus at 4:15,
so I could begin my work day at 6am.
Time with my wife each night was cut short,
because I had to attend three(3) 90-minute meetings each week,
not including the weekly check-in with a parole officer.

Was it easy? No.
Was life better after my release from prison? Yes.
But it was still difficult.

Are you prepared to move from one problem in life to another?
If so, how do you handle it?

For me, I placed my faith in God.
I believed he would see me through the circumstances,
even if I didnt quite know how to survive.

Was I tempted to cut corners?
You bet!
I was tempted to drive without a license,
tempted to to drink while on parole,
tempted to “live it up and party hard!”,
and tempted by women other than my wife.
But you know the difference?
I knew it wasn't God’s best for me to do those things.

It’s like the kid that tells his dad he wants a cookie,
to which his dad says, “No”.
Then the kid sneaks off and takes one without asking.
Does the dad still love the child? Absolutely!
But when the kid sees his family sharing brownies,
and when he gets none, the dad responds…
“you can’t have a brownie with us,
because you were too impatient and focused on yourself,
so now you miss out on what I had better in mind for you.”

We learn in the difficult circumstances,
that God has something better,
and that’s why I know God has something incredible planned!

Better than this world has to offer,
better than anything I can imagine,
and better than I could ever produce by my own efforts.

“When a squall approaches, lean into the wind and trust God.
With faith in Christ, you can pray, trust, and move ahead.”

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