Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Post: "When Our Past Attacks Us."

What happens when you make a mistake,
apologize, make amends, change, move on, and grow past it,
but find that other people still have yet to let go?

If you are a politician,
there may be people who will never like your ‘stance’,
so what do you do when they continue to argue your past,
even when you have been ‘out-of-office’ for a decade;

Or a high-school teacher,
who finds a former student in line at the grocery,
and gets an “ear-full” about the grade given years earlier;

And the addict who wants to give restitution for the past,
years after being homeless, and going through In-Patient recovery,
who finds their children want nothing
but to remind everyone of the pain once caused;

Or, you are out of prison five-years:
Parole officers down-grade their interest in you,
police patrol cars no longer leave you with dread,
you find a job and a place to live in peace,
only to hear a co-worker has learned of your past,
and decides to confront you publicly at work;

How do you live with your past, when it refuses to let you go?

There is a phrase which states: 
“people never change”,
and I can agree to that in one specific area,
and even in one generality.
“People” as a group will never change in entirety.

In General:
We can please some of the people, some of the time,
but we dont have the strength, or ability
to make everyone happy with who we are now.

In Specific:
People will always have some level
of sinful pride which separates us from God
and from loving all others
beyond that which they deserve.

Even Mother Teresa agreed
that she felt pangs of sin arise in her
when she saw how some people in our world
can live with so much materialism,
count themselves poor,
and give such little regard those truly without.

In other words:
Can you truly expect that each and every person
will change their opinion of you
because you have been out of prison, politics, addiction, etc.,
for ten, twenty, thirty years or more?
The answer must be, “NO”.

We cannot change how ‘they’ think of us,
nor can we control what they do to us because of our past.
All we have power over, is ourselves:
how we react, what we say & do,
and the way in which we treat others each day.

Your children may never forgive you;
but ask anyway, and dont give up. Ever.

The people may never agree with your politics;
so learn to be ok with the ‘disagreement’, and move on.

The grade you gave may give you cause to question yourself,
but perhaps the anger they feel has more to do with them;
pray for them; for their healing.

And the person you work with may be living in fear;
with or without you becoming their target,
so all you can do is live the best you know how,
even if the situation gets worse - and you lose your job.

Choose not to be angry, or seek revenge.
If you want people to truly accept and trust you,
then you must be able to live differently than they expect,
by showing more grace than they deserve,
even when you confronted with their hurt and pain.

And if you believe in God,
put yourself in His loving arms!
For this too shall pass,
and all who call on God for freedom & healing
will find peace in knowing Jesus in nearby.

He is waiting to walk with you!
Find a place to sit still, and seek His love.
Christ will not let you go on alone,
when you ask for His help with a sincere heart.
It may not be easy or quick,
but relief will come.
Trust it is true, and so it will be!

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