Monday, October 7, 2013

Working Hard & Standing Still - When Plans Dont Work Out

We have all had plans that fail to produce the results we hope for.

The seeds get planted, 
the fertilizer added,
the entire crop is watered, 
and there is plenty of sun-light for growth to occur.

But what do you make of things
when your best plans, effort, and intentions dont work?

One things I have learned,
is that whenever humans are involved,
we must calculate for an additional element of Error.

And even when the human aspect is removed...
our 'machinery', whether organic and biological,
or inorganic and manufactured to improve repeat-ability,
things happen which cannot be explained.

Machinery breaks down.
Crops fail to grow.
People refuse to forgive us, or love us in return.
The "court" recognizes your effort to change and do better,
but determines the process was incorrect, or took too long.
The boss sees all the improvements you have made,
but still doesnt give you the raise you seek.
The car breaks down, even after a perfect maintenance record.
The body still gets sick, even when you eat healthy.

"Fair" has nothing to do with it.
It is because of one thing...
the world we live in is broken, 
and nothing we say or do will change it.

We can complain, ask the government to help, 
or yell loudly at the injustice of it all.

We can look for someone who is "In-Charge",
because we want someone to blame 
and take responsibility for "fixing" things.

Here is the amazing thing which at some point we all fail to consider;

until God sends Christ back to earth,
to reclaim creation from futility,
to snatch it back from the evil one-
who loves chaos and fear,
WE are the one "In-Charge",
and hold the entire responsibility
for how things are done here now.

Satan wants us to do nothing, or worse, 
to blame-shift all the responsibility onto someone else.

Who makes your rental better?
Your land-lord, or you?

Who improves your community, 
the police or you?

Who makes your relationships better?
You? Or do you wait for "them" to do it?

And here is the catch which I love,
that without God, all my efforts to improve anything
will likely do nothing if I am seeking it for my own benefit,
and again if I do so with out seeking God's will in the situation.

So - What can you do?
Work, to improve anything which you are responsible for,
being mindful that you may not have the time
to take on every project you have around you.

And - seek God.
Before. During. and Afterwards.
Because when we can do nothing more
that is when God shows up to do all we cannot!

(Late from Saturday, October 5th - 
when our internet was "down" for the weekend)

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