Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Post: "Prison as a Real-Place, or as a Metaphor for our Blindness"

Blindness to where we are right now, 
how we got here, 
and no clear direction for the way in which we get out 
can lead to despair, hopelessness, and depression, 
but God - sent His Son Jesus Christ 
to bring us through the darkness 
by providing us His eternal light. 
Will you follow Him out from the darkness of your struggles?

Prison can be a real place, 
or a metaphor for the abuse, addiction, and habits we repeat,
finding that shame & sadness are our only constant companions. 
How do you break the cycle on your own? 
Seek Christ, and He will show you a new way to live, 
free from guilt - 
where we find ourselves spiraling out of control and desperate for relief, 
until we repeat the cycle all over again 
because we cannot discover any relief alone. 
Seek Christ, and He will give you new ways to live in freedom, 
not a pain-free life, 
but with more joy than you have known.

Then... learn to celebrate those victories.
Hold on to them tightly.
Write them down,
and recall them over and over again when tough times return.

The Lord has not left us,
but is trusting us to seek Him,
and to remember how good He has been before with us!

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