Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Post: "Getting Over the Past - Hurts and All"

When we move forward in life,
wherever we have come from,
and whatever path we have taken,
we All have some amount of baggage we carry with us.
And one of the toughest things we can do with that bag is…
to set it down and Let It Go.

The irony of the moment is this:
We are often too scared to let go of our past
because of fear that it is the only identity we know.

It is a subtle nuance I have discovered,
whether listening to a hardened criminal,
a business leader, pastor, teenager,
man or woman.
It really faces anyone and everyone I have known-
especially if there has been a painful wound.

This seems to develop because we learn to see ourselves in only one way-
as defined in and by that relationship, that injury, that job, our upbringing, etc.

Somehow it becomes the Only way in which can envision ourselves.

This week, Nelson Mandela died.
He was known for two large and distinct attributes:
First, he was imprisoned for many years, and
Second, he worked for peace.

The details of his imprisonment and life afterwards are less important.
Yet because they add details to his story,
we often mistake them as more important.
What is of utmost importance is this:
He lives the only way he knew how,
confined in a prison cell day after day,
until he had the chance to do something different,
and in his freedom he sought Peace!

What Nelson Mandela didnt do was say,
“I have only known prison for 27-years,
therefore I have nothing left to offer.
My pain and suffering are too great.
The circumstances I have lived through
are too much for me to overcome.”

He didnt blame the world for his plight and seek revenge,
but instead he did what no one expects and sought healing,
by offering peace to everyone - including those who imprisoned him.

Nelson was not Christ,
and he cannot save us from our own prisons of guilt, shame, and pain.
That is what Jesus can do!
But what President Mandela did was to serve as an example,
of what Can Be!

Your past need not define you,
but can serve as fuel for a better purpose in the future.

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