Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Post: "How Did It Come To Be … All About Us?"

These days are long with darkness.
The temperatures drop and we stay in doors.
We force ourselves outside for only travel, work, and to shop.

For children who stay inside during the rain,
this time of year can seem like being in jail.
It becomes a boring routine.
For adults too, it is monotonous.

Because we socialize less with others in these conditions,
we continue in our own thoughts,
as if we are the first and last,
the beginning, middle, and end of every conversation.

These are the inner monologues we have constantly running in our mind.

Alone, we can come up with any sort of idea.
We think on it by ourselves-
until we provide the framework to support our creation.

Maybe we talk about it with others, but perhaps not.
We are unsure if we want to speak our thoughts out loud,
because then someone could criticize us,
and we would be ‘robbed’ of the logic in our own creation.

And then we may act on the idea.
There may be a reasonable plan, or not.
We may avoid risks, or rush into them.
The thinking of our minds becomes fueled by a desire.
The desire is for… what?
A break from the norm.
And that is where many of our problems begin.

Being alone, in our own thoughts,
we make ourselves out to be so entirely important
that we can justify our bad ideas and sick thinking.
Anger, fear, depression, all come from dwelling…
all living in a place where no one else is invited in to speak.

At my job, when I disagree with something,
I feel justified in whatever thoughts I might have,
until I talk to someone else about it.

When I am on my own,
I sometimes miss the truth.
And I need other people who I can trust
to provide me with what I am missing on my own.
And it can become a two-way conversation;
My co-workers have thoughts too,
and when they ask for my input, I feel validated.
It means that I may I have something positive to offer in return.

Why do you think Support Groups work so well?
They spend time together, listen to one another,
and provide input into another persons life.

And - I believe God never meant for us to be all alone.

We cannot grow like we should in darkness,
and the complete freedom of our own minds.
The vast expanse of my thoughts has no limits,
and we run off in our thoughts without anyone else-
to give us feedback, directions, guidance.

Why is this important?
Because at some point, our thoughts become warped.
Left all alone, the influences of this world are too much,
for our minds to sort through all the garbage we hear.

Why do convicts return from prison,
only to repeat their crimes,
or do much worse than before?
Perhaps because they are left alone too long with their own thoughts.
And maybe because the people they associate with “inside”
have nothing truly helpful to provide.

Who do you have speaking into your life?

Do you allow anyone in to share your thoughts and give feedback?

Are you allowed to speak into the life of anyone else?

Maybe its time to speak up, and not withdraw.
Perhaps we have to push past the bad weather,
the discomfort of being vulnerable with others,

and cross into a new place where healthy living can begin.

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