Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Post: "When Thankfulness Isnt"

What makes even our best days difficult?

When we have reason to celebrate loudly,
is there anything we should allow to steal our joy?

The team you cheer for wins,
but you get a flat tire on the way home.

The big day at work is finally here,
but that morning is spent cursing
from spilled coffee that went all over the kitchen:
under appliances, into the drawers, and across the floor.

We fall and break a toe,
only to find we are allergic to the pain medications,
and then when healing is nearly complete,
we get sick with the flu.
Do these events seem like ‘bad-luck’?

These past weeks have been wonderful for me and my family!
Thanksgiving has become an incredible reminder to us
of all that we have to be grateful for to God.
However, I find that I can make even the best days difficult.
With minor nuances, problems, delays, etc.

What makes these 'things' seem so daunting to us??

I could say that lack of sleep and
the “raw nerves” from being with our kids does it,
but the issues which arise are typically small,
so why is it that I can make them so big when I am worn down?

What makes the very people, things, and events I am thankful for
become a burden, too heavy to handle in the moment?

There is much to untangle here...
so I will begin with what seems so simple,
yet because of this - we overlook it,
only to realize later how confusing and messy it has become…

Satan, wants to steal our joy;
Satan, wants to deceive us;
Satan, wants us to be less effective for God.

We, (and I mean “I” here),
have come to allow Satan too much power in our lives,
that we give him the ability to rob our joy!

When we experience something good in life,
it can be quickly followed up with a “bad” event,
and truly it is only a distraction,
meant to take our eyes of that which God has given us!
Then we lose sight of the joy we have,
and the “joy” loses its power
because all we can focus on is the negative,
cursing, screaming, or simply allowing the problem,
to grow past its true proportions,
until it consumes the “good” in our days.

Satan lies to us and says;
“This shouldnt happen. You deserve better.”
“This isnt part of your plan, so it must be bad!”
And the most confusing is, 
“If this occurred, then you must be a bad person,
undeserving of anything good in your life.
And since this did happen,
there is nothing else good you can expect ever again.”

This last “lie” is the most damaging,
because it takes from us that which God has already promised,
that God can use ANYTHING good or bad,
to have a positive outcome for His kingdom!

This means God isnt done with us yet.
He wont allow spilled coffee to ruin your interview,
but if we choose to believe Satan…
then we are robbed from what God may mean for our good!
And how we handle the pressure may mean more
to a potential employer than how we actually look.

God doesnt let go of us when we have a bad day,
so let us not let go of Him,
as if He doesnt know what is going on.

Speak to Him in prayer,
and believe that He can use all things for our good and His glory!

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