Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Post: "Living In The PAST"

It has been a few weeks since I have written and posted here.
The time has been spent wisely,
living in the moment with my family,
working at a job I enjoy,
and enjoying time with my friends.

During this time I had to ask myself two important questions:
  1. When I write, do I spend too much time looking back at what I have done?
  2. and, When I write- who is it for?

Woking to answer the first question,
I still live with remorse for what I have done
to become a criminal
and I recognize more clearly
the sinner I still am today.

So I think the writing has become a way to
help myself learn to cope with who I am now
especially in comparison to who I have been.

Yet I also realize the struggles I continue to face
and this helps me recognize that I must work hard
to fight against the person Satan wants me to become.

So to answer the first question:
  • I write to remind myself of how far I have come,
  • I write to continue an active resistance against sin in my life
  • and I write to help anyone else who may ever read this and learn something.

The second questions may seem irrelevant after the last point
but in truth, no one may ever read these words and find valuable in them.
So why continue to post it for all to read,
rather than writing in a journal where no one has access?
Why put myself at risk of persecution or ridicule?

To answer the second question:
  • I write to an audience of one - God,
  • and I am undone without Him, so why should I fear what men may say?

In this last, I think it is an act of faith…
to put my “dirty-laundry” out in the open
for the public to read at will
without hiding in fear - pretending that no one will ever find out.

This way, it becomes clear that God has transformed me,
and I have no need to hide who I am from anyone,
because Christ has made me a new person in Him!

“Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have;
what you are will show in what you do.” -Thomas Davidson

Do you hide in fear of your past?
Do you keep secret the struggles you face currently?
Perhaps it is time to open up to someone else.
Start with God.
Let Him know you recognize the things which keep you from feeling clean,
then admit that you can do nothing to wash yourself.
After releasing that burden, ask Jesus if He will help.
And when you truly seek Him,
You will be delighted to find the answer
because living in the past
will never bring you peace now.

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