Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Post: "Settling in for Change"

Change can be difficult,
and yet it can also seem non-existent.
But, what in your life doesnt change?

For those who are caught-up in addictions,
in relationships with physical or emotional abuse,
sentenced in a prison of concrete and steel,
or trapped in a broken-down body from age or injury,
change doesnt seem possible.

The same situation exists day after day,
week after week, and year after year.
The bitter-sweet promise of tomorrow holds little hope,
and may instead bring on a sadness, anger, or despair,
as the road ahead continues on and seems to have no exit,
you have something to hope for in the future.

So, what brings you hope for tomorrow, next month or year?

If you are incarcerated- it could be a release.
If you are in addiction- it could be rehab,
if you are in a toxic relationship- an escape,
and if your have a damaged body or mind-
it could be physical or psychological therapy.

But, when stuck in these conditions, where do you begin?
What is the one thing these options for recovery have in common?
None of them can be completed by a person on their own.
They each requires assistance from someone else
and you must reach out or accept help from someone else.

This means overcoming our fears and pride;
the voice in your head that says you shouldnt need help,
that another person wont want to help, or worse…
they will be unable to provide what you require to change.

Satan lives in this spot.
He loves it.
He feeds on this lie, and the resulting despair we feel.
But before I tackle this...
What is the opposite of seeing no possible change ahead?
It is a situation in which changes come so quickly and constantly
as to cause fearful panic,
an overwhelming feeling that it is more than you can bare.
And the result?
Satan lies to us again, saying that we cannot withstand it all,
that we dont need all the changes that are occuring,
that we would be better off where we had been before.

This is when we often withdraw and wish to be left alone,
and in this spot we begin to feel the same sad despair 
as those with no hope in the future.

Two opposite extremes, with the same underlying result.
And here is where the best news comes in…
God never meant for us to go through either alone!
He wants us to have Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide us.

God has set it in the heart of believers to help one another.

Not sure if you believe in God or His Son, the Chirst?
Thats OK!
God doesnt require you to believe in Him to ask for His help.
And here is the fruit for each situation,
when a person does come to God for help;

First, in those times when the road ahead seems to never change,
I learn to see with new eyes through Jesus Christ
because He shows me ways in which to change the goal of each day,
and the thoughts I have in each moment I face.
He replaces the same thinking with new hope for tomorrow!
And then I find news way to see my future.

Second, when changes happen quickly so that my head spins,
God provides me with a firm foundation,
and lets me know I am not left alone in the unsettling times.
Jesus gives me peace and joy that cannot be taken away,
but only when I slow down to focus on speaking with Him.
And that is where I find joy in my future,
by stopping to ask God:

“What would you have me do or learn today?
Where can I meet You in the work You have planned for me?
How can I grow in wisdom to see each situation differently?”

Remember, you cannot stop change from occurring,
nor do you have to fear it when it comes quickly,
for Jesus is our rock and our fortress.

And when time seems to stand still, hope is still ahead,
because one day we will all dance in God's glorious Kingdom!
Fully restored physically, mentally, and emotionally,
with no pain, shame, guilt, or regrets.
And that is good news to share!

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