Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Post: "In the Middle of Our Failed Plans"

When in the middle of working out your goal,
and you come to discern that it may not be achieved,
what do you do?

You may be a salesperson wrapping up the year,
an athlete performing towards a winning season,
a physician in search of a cure,
or a prisoner working for an early release,
and you come to recognize the signs,
thats it is about to all come apart,
how do you cope with this realization?

You wont win the financing for your project,
the team wont make the playoffs,
the court-case wont be won,
and your family wont make it in time.

There is a sadness that sets in,
perhaps even depression and bouts of anger.
You may feel numb,
distant from everything else,
or like nothing around you is quite real.
You may question the purpose for everything,
and come to value nothing.

At the end, your efforts seem… worthless.
But are they?

Is there any value in what you have gone through?
Or is it all for nothing??

The truth is, the time was well spent, because
You have begun… something.

Whatever you have been working towards has become - real.

The power of attraction towards that goal is not gone,
but somehow in our despair we lose focus.
So why do we fear it will now always be out of reach?

If you believe in God, you may question Him:
Like He doesnt care, or doesnt even notice you,
And perhaps you just plain feel unimportant to God,
because He hasnt allowed your well laid plans to be fruitful.

In the Bible, Jesus had a friend Lazarus who became sick.
Jesus loved this man, and his two sisters.
Yet Jesus delayed in coming to Lazarus.
And those closest to Lazarus became confused, because - why?
Why would Jesus, the Son of God, wait?
Why would He not show up?
Why doesnt He allow your hard-work to pay-off??

First - as a reminder, because it is not all about you.
God’s plans may be intentional.
He may actually want you to miss the target,
and fail to reach your goal. 
But why?!?

I believe God often has another plan,
and it is bigger than the one we have experienced.
This raises a question for another day, which is…
How could this failure turn out to be positive?

And Second - I believe that in the middle of our failed plans,
we are meant to re-focus on worship to God.

When our plans are falling apart, 
we may still seek God blessing,
but I believe the main thing we can still do is 
to seek knowing Him better.

In the past, I have become so obsessed with own own goals,
that I forget and miss anything of importance to God.
Have I made time to dig into His word?
Connect with other believers?
Serve others in need?
Have I found new ways to live so that God receives glory?
New ways to improve as a father? A husband?
Or do I become so focused, that I let those all go?

In the middle of your failed plans, seek God.
Ask for a deeper understanding of His love for you,
that your faith may grow, and that others might see Christ in you.
Remember, even in your times of failure, God can still use you.
Will you let Him?

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