Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Post: "The problem with 'More'"

There is a question which says,
"When is enough... enough ??"
It begs the additional question: 
When will I be completely and continually happy?
When I have enough stylish clothes?
When is the car I own, enough?
When do I look good enough?
Or... Do I need, More?
More new clothes?
A faster car? Maybe three cars, for different purposes.
Or more money so I can have a different car for each day of the week!
Why do I need more technological gadgetry?
Is more access to information better?
What does more power help me to accomplish?
If I can have more sex, will it be... Enough?
The problem with more is... it is an illusion, and the benefits won't last.
Soon after I buy a new car, it won't be enough,
And I will want something newer, bigger, faster, nicer!
We struggle that the desire for More & Enough 
Cannot be answered within our own minds
And perhaps not even in our own life-time.
And here is why....
God has put something deep in our hearts
That tells us we will never be completely satisfied with this life.
No amount of sex, power, money, fame, or success
Will ever be enough to completely satisfy us.
Our savior, Jesus Christ, was sent to help us realize this
By giving us something to aim for
Which seemed so foreign to others of His day,
And it still escapes us even now, in our more 'enlightened' time.
We can only find lasting Joy in serving God and loving others.
And satan has corrupted this by quietly suggesting something else...
That somehow, we can find happiness here if we just have a little more.
Satan has us convinced that more is better.
More sex, power, and money will never provide enough to fill the emptiness we seek to fill.
(The wealthiest and wisest man in histroy has shown us this,
And everyone who has had 'power' has always desired 'more')
Then satan tells us another destructive lie,
And we begin to feel deep down a pervasive insecurity
That we will never be .... Enough on our own without 'More'.
More to qualify us as 'Good Enough',
To ourselves and other people.
But here too is that lie because,
We can never fully satisfy ourselves, or other people,
And as long as we strive to quantify our existence with 'More'
We will miss out on the joy of 'Now',
But can Learn to be grateful for what we have to give and share.
Your lasting happiness will never come here on earth, but...
You can have joy in knowing you don't need 'More',
To live, give, and serve others!
Then practice a new thought or action,
Pray for guidance to learn gratitude,
And with it will come wisdom that can only be gained by experience.

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