Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Post: "Even When You have a Job, Discover something to Create"

If you have found a job, you are indeed blessed.
But even those who have never served time in prison will know
that having a job does not equal happiness.
And while happiness is not the same thing as Joy,
there is something more we are meant to do,
but what is it?

You can go to ‘work’ at the same ‘job’ for many years,
and never have any more sense of purpose in life.
The happiness of having a steady income will wear away,
and we are often left wondering…
is the anything else? Something more to my existence??

I know people who serve in a variety of ‘physical’ jobs,
and while they can appreciate a ‘job well-done’,
they are still left with a yearning for… What else?

Their job can be as a Janitor, Construction Worker,
Police Officer, Sales, Accountant, Receptionist,
Groundskeeper, computer repair, Attorney, or Physician,
and the joy of volunteering may already be part of their time.
But, they still miss a key element of life.
In other words, I believe God created each of us 
to fulfill our life’s calling in a number of ways,
but I do not believe He expects us to find it in any one thing.

Each part can be found in or as part of a:
Job, Parent, Friend, Service/Volunteer, Prayer Warrior,
but I believe we often miss an element of enjoyment
because we lack pushing into areas of risk
that can often equal ‘worthwhile-work’.

To me this means finding something creative
that God wants us to discover,
and possibly share with others.

If you are a Pastor, Nurse, or Teacher,
you may feel like you already give 
all there is available to others in need.
But what if God wants you to discover, Art?

To Creating something from nothing
may be the closest we can ever get to the attribute of God.

If your are already an artist, 
then I would suggest your down-time 
be spent doing something completely out of the ordinary.
Perhaps, mowing the neighbor's lawn,
or serving in a retirement home.
Otherwise here is the purpose of this goal:
God has created everything,
and using our imagination is one more way in which we honor Him.

Too many people fear to use their imagination for fear,
that their ‘work’ will be viewed as imperfect,
and it will fall short of anything worthy.
But this is not the goal of creation.

Creation as a whole is meant to glorify God,
and when we learn to make beautiful music,
write poetry, cook, bake, craft new objects, and tell stories,
we all grow a little closer to one another,
and the work of your mind can be used to bring God joy.

In this experience, the seeking to discover 
what other part of life
God may like for us to learn
May help us to know Him better, and
we grow in knowing His power and majesty.

I like to write, but I know the words from God
 have more power than my own.
I like to sing, and I know like the angelic hosts in heaven
God created me to sing for His joy.
Occasionally I draw, and I am reminded 
of how much God has created from nothing.
And I am in awe of Him.

May you come to discover something beautiful in yourself
that God is waiting for you to uncover and use!

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