Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Post: "The Struggle to Re-define Oneself"

What is your biggest struggle today? 
What is it you hope for most? 
Focus on that. 
You may be unable to change 
anything about the problems you face, 
but with hope in something more ahead, 
the current issues may become less of burdensome.

We Dont deserve happiness for our crimes or sins.
A voice inside your head says, 
"You deserve to be here. 
You disobeyed. 
What did you expect? 
You knew what you were doing was unwise, or just plain sinful, 
and look where it's gotten you. 
And you want to ask God for help now?"-Bret Clemmer

We are acceptable to God, not because of what we've done 
but through what Jesus Christ has done. -Rick Warren

Redefining Our Self-Image means:
learning to raise the ‘lid’ of our self-perception, 
seeing our God given potential -John Maxwell

Moses didn't become a major character in history
By sitting around and waiting for something great to happen.
He had no idea how events would turn out.

Noah had to do what was unpopular,
But he believed more in the plan God gave him for the future.

The Apostle Paul had to be completely reinvented
To become someone that God could use.

Prison has made one thing abundantly clear to me...
What I have done in the past, 
Whether good or bad,
With either great success or utter failure,
Will not work for my best in the future.

My thinking must change,
My actions and behavior must become new.
My responses in the most common of situations...
Must be adapted and formed into a new reality.

In re-defining myself, there is freedom and excitement.
Someone new is emerging!
But to do this I must let go of who I have been.
I must release the desire to repeat my old habits.
My 'knee-jerk' reactions must give way...
And in that place I must insert time to pause & reflect,
Then develop and alternative response.

The driver who cuts me off on the road, I now pray for their protection.
The co-worker who is difficult to get along with, I pray for their success.
The state & county official who keeps reminding me of my past,
I now pray for peace in their lives.

In both society and my own life- an quick, angry response if often more exciting.
We like watching the action from the sidelines and encourage the drama.
But, the repetition gets boring. 
The same anger becomes all we know.
And the end-result is rarely worth the effort.

So now, I want to practice what never goes 'out-of-style':
Kindness, generosity, respectfulness.

It won't make me popular,
Nor will it give me the rush of satisfaction from immediate action,
But it will allow me to live with more peace and joy in my own life.
And then, I know I will find more rest I'm God,
Allowing Him to resolve the things I try so much to control.

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