Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Post: "The Struggle of Learning to Walk Daily"

Who are you?
What is your identity?

Do you re-define yourself daily?
Or can you still live with the person you have been until now?

I am constantly analyzing myself.
And in that comes a certain amount of frustration.
Especially if I am not sure who am I am supposed to be now,
or worse, who I am becoming.

When I stop for even a brief moment,
I see only a few answers:
husband, father, employee.
And sometimes in this I get frustrated because
this seems so limiting.
Like there could be more to me,
but I just dont have the time to discover who that person could be.

My ‘roles’ seem to determine who I am,
and I am swallowed up into them with no chance of being anything else.

And what happens if I am not that good at one of them?
If I struggle as a dad, spouse, or at my job?
What then??
Then, I think my identity comes into question even more.
And I am not ‘ok’ with that.

So I look for time when I can stretch and grow.
But there never seems to be any available to me.
My “jobs” encompass everything.
And my only “alone-time” consists of driving to-and-from work,
or taking a lunch break to exercise during my job.

What else is there?
Is this all that I am??

When I was in prison, this thinking existed.
While I served in the military, the same issues arose.
And in each one I found the same corrupted thoughts…
almost like a sniveling child, whining because life wasnt fair,
and I wasnt finding life was all about what I could get from it.

When you are in this situation, what is the result?

When i served in the military, I got depressed.
But when I was imprisoned, I reached out to others.
And after serving my sentence,
I was released with a healthy attitude of what life “could-be”.

Then, while going through the restrictions of parole,
I searched for others to share with in a group setting,
and together we discussed our issues and hang-ups.

This type of support seems the most healthy, but…
what if I dont find time for it now?

This past week I took on a ‘challenge’.
Something I knew quite well, but seemed to easily overlook:
I began to write a journal entry each day.

There had been a study done,
about stress, and a positive way to address it.
The first, and most positive method was to attend a support group,
but even those were not ‘full-proof” as some people take months to open up.

So they direction was given for some people to write each day for a week.
No one would ever read what they wrote, unless they wanted it.
And the result was lower stress after only five-days.
This was their own report from those taking part in the study!
Lower stress, with better direction from clarity of thought.

While sharing with others can be therapeutic,
so can ‘getting-it-out’ by writing our thoughts down.

What could you learn about yourself
if you would take 15-minutes to write daily about life?

I am going to continue on the journey,
but I can already say,
I feel better about who God made me to be,
and that I had overlooked each day…
that I am His child,
and I am right where He wants me to be!

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