Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Post: Carrying the Burden of Guilt - Part 2

You Are Ugly

You have hurt people, and... 
disappointed those who rely on you.

You have failed to meet your own expectations. 

You have missed the mark over and over again, and 
you have no idea how to make things better. 

You may have some thought about what improvement looks like, but...
Where do you begin? 

How do you even start to get it right?

In Recovery programs, it starts with admitting our brokenness. 

We begin by acknowledging where we have been wrong, and screwed things up, for both ourselves and others.

For me then, I must recognize my own limitations; that I cannot do things better on my own.

I must ask for help, from both God and others.

But, I must accept that even when I get it wrong, God will provide a way to make it better.

Giving up my desire to get everything "right" means that I must give up my desire to part of the answer. 

When I carry the guilt of my mistake, yet want to be part of the solution for making things better,
I only compound the frustration.

I don't like to walk away from the problem, but perhaps I can leave it up to God to provide the answer.

Maybe I can let go of my wounded pride to let God provide a solution for what I created.

For You alone God, can bring good from evil, and can raise up those who have failed when we return to You for guidance.

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