Saturday, January 31, 2015

"It's 2015 - What's Missing?"

We're one month into this year, 
so what have you thought on most?

Have you reviewed your list of goals?
Did you decide to abandon them?
Or have you forgotten to work on those resolutions?
Have other 'things' been more important?

My answer is 'Yes', and "No"...
I have intentionally removed some goals,
as not being the most important for me right now.
I can revisit those later.
Yet I have continued to focus dearly 
on the ones which seem most important to me.
And here is the catch-
these will affect my life for more than just six-months or a single year.
They will be considered more long-term goals.

First goal, my health
sleeping, hydration, exercise, and nutrition.
(Notice, I didnt say diet!)
I found I can eat cookies, but later in the day...
I may have less energy as when I eat fruit.
So now I look more closely at calories-in vs calories burned.
Getting enough sleep and water have been more important.
And here is my goal for this period of weight loss & health management:
to run and play with my grandchildren- 20 years from now!
I want to be the grandad that lasts until they graduate college!
And I want to play and travel with them when they are young.

The second goal will take 24-30 months to accomplish.
(And no, it is not another prison sentence!)
In this case it is the opportunity...
to apply for an expungement of my criminal record!

Most ex-convicts cannot apply for this "exception".
Only in certain circumstances.
My arrest history would be buttoned-up tight.
And only if I get myself into trouble again 
will there be need to open any files.

The public records will be removed.
What a gift!
To apply for a job, visa to visit another country, etc.
without having to "check-the-box".

What;s important to you this year?
Have you made any goals that cannot be accomplished
in three,, six, or twelve months?

The main thing to remember for these goals is,
its a "long race",
perfection is not expected,
but completion.
One step at a time.
One mile. Then two.

It means learning who I want to become,
between now,
when I apply for that 'expungement',
and when my grandchildren walk to receive their degree!

What are your long-terms goals?

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