Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Post: "Writing in 2015"

Every year brings another opportunity to refresh our minds.
Will will try something new?
Challenge ourselves to improve on the old?
Could we stay the same and still be happy-
If nothing changed?

My routine can be a comfort zone,
Yet in that same place holds a slow death.
Perhaps not of the body,
But of a decaying mind, 
And a soul slowly drowning in nothingness.

It's been over two-months since I have written here.
Much has happened since then-
Three deaths of those close to me,
Living in the past of memories gone by.

I have relived old behaviors.
Reminded of what past hurts felt like,
And I find anger still resides in me,
Until I cannot really enjoy the now.

And here is what I have forgotten:
To celebrate life.
To find renewal in God's future promise.
To more fully appreciate what He has given me.

This period for me is not a prison,
But a time for re-birth.

I am seeing chains fall away!
By developing new habits-
I can find freedom away from the worn down patterns of old.

Will I allow satan to trap me here in "comfortable"?
Or will step out in faith-
Reaching for something just beyond my grasp?

And one big question must arise,
Why should I continue to write here?
Isn't this season far enough behind me 
Where I can live out another plan of God for my life?
I don't know that answer, yet.
But I do know that if God has anything left in this experience
For me to learn, or which can give hope to others...
Then I must continue this path.

So the plan for now...
I write, 
Until the day in 2017 when -
I am able to ask and receive an expungement of my criminal record.

How is this important?
I am not sure.
But what if?
What if God has something which can be used for good in this experience?
Then I must make myself available to Him.

What are you struggling to overcome?
Or Have you become complacent in your comfort?
Will you awaken to strive once more for something that has meaning?

Two years is what I expect it will take for me;
To learn, grow, develop, and become something else,
Different from that which I have ever been before.
Will I be a better version of me?!?
I don't know.
And I will leave that judgement for another time.

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