Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Post: What Does it Take to Become a Hero?

What does it take to become a Hero?

Many of us want to be some sort of a 'Hero',
mostly so others will take notice of us,
heaping upon us the praise we desire,
seen as good, worthy, and above all - liked.

Yet- No matter what you do,
No mater how good you are,
not everyone will like you.

Too many people crave the same for themselves,
and you may become the very thing they learn to hate,
because somehow you have gained the recognition,
the have sought for so long themselves.

Soldiers return from war, and once here...
they are both praised and condemned.
Held up as examples of courage and honor,
then turned on as 'hate-filled, war enthusiasts'.

Even the story of Batman- a fictional character, 
helps us to see that not everyone is liked all the time.
The people we are here to protect 
now fear being around us.

If you cannot expect everyone to approve or like you,
then how do you learn to accept yourself?
What can you do to be a Hero in your own life?

Start small.
Find one thing you can master in your life.
Then for the next 30-days,
Practice it and work on improving each day.
At the end of one month, list what you could work on next,
and determine how to continue what you began this month.

In 12-months, you will have mastered 12 new activities in your life.
And for most of us average people, that is heroic indeed!

And when you are ready,
find a way to share with others what you have learned,
perhaps even teaching them how to do the same in their own lives.

God has given us each gifts to use,
and He gets the greatest satisfaction
when we choose to work on those,
that He has placed in our hearts to desire.

What can you work on becoming next?

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