Saturday, February 7, 2015

What I Heard Recently from God

When praying to God,
I often ask Him to reveal Himself to me,
showing me how to become better...
at being a husband, father, son, servant, employee, neighbor, and friend.

God rarely speaks to my heart so clearly,
but the last seemed like a message 
not entirely pointed to me.
So I want to share what I heard Him say,
in case it is meant for you as well:

"My heart breaks for my people.
I want to call your name,
When you enter My presence.
I want to recognize you as important.
Will you come?

Will you trust Me to care for you?
In your painful times of uncertainty,
will you walk with Me by faith?
Will you let Me hold you in your suffering?

You can do everything on your own, or-
you can can all things through Me,
who gives you strength (for what's important).

Will you allow Me to shed a light on you life?

Whatever we find there-
trust Me to provide what you need most.
For I have come to heal and restore health,
that you might be reoriented to Me.

What is important for you peace and joy?

More of you?
More of what this world offers?
Or more of Me?"

My heart still beats faster when I reread this,
and I find I am both saddened, 
and yet relieved!
That I am not left alone.
And, that while I am not perfect,
God still accepts me.
And He is willing to guide me in His ways,
if I will only slow down to listen.

What will you do?

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