Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Post: "I have Surrendered, but..."

What does it mean to Surrender?

It is often implied, but rarely overtly.

Such as when we surrender ownership rights,
By selling or vacate something.

We surrender our way of doing something,
When we work for someone else.

We surrender some part of what we want we when decide to have a family; 
Putting the needs of our loved-ones above ourselves.

We surrender our creative rights when we share our ideas,
Allowing anyone else to put in their opinion.

We surrender by living in a country not of our own choice.

We may even surrender part who we are, 
and begin to live as someone else,
when we become part of a homogeneous group; a team.

And I surrendered my freedom when I plead guilty to the charges I earned.

For what else would we surrender our individual and personal identity?

Surrender to me means I voluntarily give up, something...

But does it mean I surrender only to become - someone else?

I struggle each day to surrender to God,
Trying to live as I believe He wants me to.
I know He loves me as I am, yet who He created me to become, more.
So somehow, I have to surrender, but...
If only to become more of who He wants me to be.
And therein lies the conflict...

In surrender - I give up who I am,
Giving up control of my ability to choose,
And willingly accept what someone else decides.

I give in, to what is unknown,
And it's scary.
I like my independence, my ability to choose, or say "No",
And I begin a walk into the abyss,
Putting my faith and trust in something else:
A future that has yet to be defined.

In some ways we already live this out daily, 
Because we cannot control how everyone sees us.

Some examples:
The media can take one person's victory, and 
Make it seem like someone else's pain.
My helping my daughter can seem fatherly to one person,
But can appear as controlling to another,
As if I won't let her learn mistakes on her own.
So in many ways, we already surrender daily to this world,
And all the chaos in it.

So the question becomes,
Who and what will I surrender to?
And - will I fight it, or accept it?

What will you do?

For another perspective on surrender, read this great article!

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