Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Post: "Another Man's Underwear"

When I write, or speak to people publicly,
I like it to be about 'Hope'.
I want my words to challenge, teach, and encourage others.
I don't want to focus on the past,
But I am absolutely certain that ...
If we cannot learn from our own mistakes,
Or those that others have made,
Then we are doomed to repeat them.

So why would someone wear "Another Man's Underwear?"

When someone goes to jail or prison,
They are forced to give up all their own clothes,
And must wear those provided by the county or state.
And typically, those undergarments have already been worn by someone else.
There is no way around this, because we don't get a choice once there.
But - are we forced to "live in those same under-pants"?

This post is for those who have come out of jail or prison,
And are looking at repeating someone else's mistakes.

On the first day after being released, what do you want to do most?
But how?
The "How" matters, because...
You are often expected to show up for an interview with the parole officer, and
May be forced to provide a urine sample for analysis.

Will you do what so many other parolees have done?
Will you celebrate and get in trouble for being in violation of parole?
Or will you be different?
Will you refuse to follow in the path of those released before you?

You could...
Be at the county parole office - early,
And call your contact there before they call you.
You could...
Set up a daily routine in your first weeks after release
to call and leave a message providing an update on what you are doing.
You could...
Start looking for a job right away, Even in the places that don't pay well,
So that you can show you want to live differently from the others.
You could...
Provide the probation officers phone number for the hiring manager to call,
Explaining that you simply want a chance, 
and that the PO will verify you have met all requirements so far.
You could...
Send an email to the PO each day with the jobs you are applying to,
And ask them if they know where you might be hired.

You could...
Be the one that doesn't go back to jail or prison,
Never again being forced to wear - "Another Mans Underwear."

What could you do different...
To improve your life,
So you don't repeat the same mistakes again?

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