Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Post: "Using Words to Describe Oneself"

How am I using words to describe myself?
When no one else is around,
what do I tell myself... about me?
Where do I find a response to the "evil one" when he accuses me?
Who am I when he calls me a Liar, Thief, Angry, Selfish, Petty Destroyer of what God holds dear?

My identity is not in the words I use, nor even in what I do each day.
My identity is in the design God made me to be.

When I pause long enough to look up to God,
and I focus on what He has said of me,
I may be finding new words, or recalling those I have forgotten,
but slowly, "I am overlaying the new story over top of the old."

I am no longer the same person,
and my identity is not of my own design,
but God's.

Perhaps then the biggest trouble comes when I try to pick myself up from my falls,
and hurry of without remembering what God has done and said.

Then the enemy is rushing here and there,
from what seemed important, to what is a band-aid to my ego- 
by trying to accomplish more.

Perhaps then the most useful thing is to not be hurried,
but to live where He mas made me to be...
in the loving arms of His son Jesus Christ,
taking rest and refuge in Him alone!

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