Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Post: "Buying a Home Challenged My Faith"

I believe God has a plan,
And I am positive I don't know it.

Often I ask God to reveal His plans to me,
But sometimes I run ahead on my own.

I get going so fast,
Making decisions, changing directions, weighing options,
That I for get to include Him.

Here is a challenge I was reminded of this week...
God cares less about what job I do, and where I work,
Than how I do my work once I have a job.

Do I work as if it is for Jesus Himself?
Or am I working for men, money, and my own designs?

Now, I have the chance to buy a home, 
And as I weigh the decisions of price, location, nearby schools,
I am trying to ask God what He wants me to do.
Do you know what is most frustrating though?
Partly it is not hearing a clear answer, but
It is also worrying too much 
about making the wrong decision on my own.

If I make a poor choice, can I still trust God?

Buying a house is definitely a "first-world problem",
But putting too much emphasis on my decisions,
Takes the focus off of God,
And the fact that He can use me, no matter where I live.

I can trust God to provide for me and my family,
No matter where what house we choose.

When you face a "weighty" decision,
Do you place to much importance on the outcome?
Or do you realize the most important part,
Serving God no matter the location, or problems that arise?

Can I praise God regardless of what happens?

I will choose to seek wisdom,
 yet I will praise God even will troubles arise,
Because my faith is in Him!

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