Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mid-Month Check-in: May 2015

This post will be an explanation
Of how things have gone up to this year,
And why I still continue in this forum.

In January this year, I asked myself the very important question:
Should I continue to write?
Will it continue to be in this blog, or something else?
And if so- does the purpose still matter?

At that time, there was 48-months until a huge compelling event...
The ability to ask for an "Expungement".

What does this mean?
I can ask for my Felony convictions- both of them,
To be removed from my record.

They would be sealed away by a court-order,
Given by a judge, and can only be re-opened,
If I am being investigated for another crime.

How is this possible?
State law here says a person can ask for this for their first offense,
And only if there is no ore than two-felony counts involved.

My case involves injuring two people injured a drunk driving accident I caused,
( hear more about this here: )
So- I have two-felony convictions for the same event.

My reason for continuing to write now are this:
1) to help others understand what a criminal experiences, and
2) to provide some hope for others who struggle in life.

First, you can make it through prison and the requirements of parole,
Yet continue to struggle with the limitations society places.
But- after three years being unemployed, nearly two being self-employed,
I have now held a steady job for three years.
And- I am weeks away from qualifying to buy another house.
Thanks be to God!

Second, even during the most difficult of circumstances,
When other people give up on you and hope seems lost,
There can still be something positive afterwards.
It requires faith in God, and doing all that is required of me,
Even when the challenges seem beyond what I can endure,
I take one small step, then another,
Even when the road ahead is unclear or cloudy,
And I cannot see anything good to come.

17-months to go until my request for an expungement.
But until then, I have earned the chance to leave the country,
For a paid-trip I could never afford on my own,
Using a passport I never imagined being able to use.

Celebrate the small things daily,
Search for them, seek them undeterred,
And ge grateful for them.
Then when the big wins come, 
Celebrate all the more!

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