Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Post: "Traveling Abroad"

Where are you today?
Physically located is what I mean.
You could just as well take inventory of your well-being,
and that could help to indicate where you might end up,
but is not what I intend today.

Where in this world are you??

I sit in a friend's kitchen,
looking out the window at a beautiful day to come,
with a forest as my back-drop.
My wife and I are staying with them,
and the big thing to understand is this...
how did we got here?

At this time of year in 2007,
I was in a maximum security prison.
Concrete and steel made up my walls.
Convicts were my neighbors.
And - I deserved to be there.

But last week, I traveled out-of-country.
I went with my wife to a beautiful place called Turks & Caicos.
It is its own country, made of islands in the Caribbean, or Bahamas.
(I dont truly know the difference in how these might be different)

Why does this matter to me?
Now that I am a convicted felon,
I never thought to be allowed permission to travel outside the US again.
Applying for a passport, being allowed to pass through security into another country,
I figured they would never let me leave,
nor would the other country agree to accept a criminal,
but instead... it happened!

Why does this matter to you?
Lets start from where we began - 
where are you today?
Your unemployment, your addictions, your incarceration,
your family, your friends, your lifestyle...
can all change so that you too can enjoy the freedom to travel.
You may think that these conditions on your life all hold you back,
but its just not true.
The truth is, they may hold you back - For Now.

For Now - you may be unable to get a job.
For Now - you may be unable to afford a place to live.
For Now - you may be alone in your life.
For Now - the problems you face will hold you back, but... not forever!

Living Beyond My Expectations
So while I could never afford to pay for our trip,
we won the chance for an all expense paid trip through my employer.
Do I deserve this?
Of course not!
To summarize what the Lord, Jesus Christ has said, 
His grace doesnt have anything to do with what you deserve,
and neither do the blessing He bestows.

How did this all come to happen?
It wasnt by believing I could do it all on my own.
It wasnt by avoiding my duties for probation.
It wasnt by blaming others for my situation.

It Was by seeking God with my wife, 
and praying together out loud to Him.
It Was by continually learning how to get better at doing this life.
It Was by seeking help from people smarter and more experienced than myself.
And, it Was by surrounding myself with good people
and not putting myself together with the people 
who routinely find themselves complaining, fighting, using, or getting arrested.

When God calls for you to change, it wont happen overnight.
It will take one small step at a time.
You will walk into the unknown places, but need not be afraid,
because He will not leave you alone in your walk.

What you do now builds, until you too can have a better future that is beyond imagining!

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