Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Post: "The Lies Wrecking Our World"

You and I have something in common,
with every other living creature,
including each sinner and criminal today.

Its not profound,
yet we miss the subtlety in or day-to-day existence,
rushing on, we forget to connect with others,
because we are so caught up in seeking this for ourselves...

We all want to live,
and we are each looking for ways 
to live the 'better-life". 

Somewhere in the mess of growing up,
we doubted our parents wanting a better life,
for both themselves, and us.

We have learned to question authority at every turn,
considering their position,
and discarding what "they" say when we dont agree.

In searching for answers, 
we generally find no one has them all,
but we have grown confident in our own ability
to find answers in the most convenient places:
the Internet,
maybe some family,
or our own internal monologue.

But in all the 'noise', we gravitate towards what?
The simple and easy answers?
The quickest?
The ones that makes us feel better?
Or maybe its the logic we can argue best?

In the search for our 'best-life',
I think we are looking to define the how
for feeling safe in life,
connecting to others,
in a life that matters.

And somewhere in this exploration, we have latched onto a lie.

The lie for me was to drive myself home drunk.
And the result was my injuring two people.

For the men I served time with in prison, 
the lie was their life would be better 
with committing this next crime.

For those caught in addiction, it is a similar lie,
that one more drink, or 'fix', will be enough.

But enough for what? 

In this last week, a young man entered a church,
then shot and killed a group of people who were meeting to pray.

In recent years, we have seen the same at a movie theater,
and children at an elementary school.

And somehow, in these crazy moments,
these actions made sense to someone.

I think they each believed a 'lie',
that somehow their lives would each be better,
if they took the life of someone else;
Their personal pain would diminish,
their lives would mean something,
perhaps even that someone would appreciate them more.

And maybe it is even more devious than this
perhaps these killers thought to take the joy from these other individuals;
Seeing their happiness, and lacking it themselves,
maybe they believed the lie
that their own happiness would increase,
if somehow they could remove the joy others experienced.

Perhaps if was even satan,
showing these empty men the blessings they missed,
that were being enjoyed by others knowing God,
telling these young men they could receive more of God's blessings,
if somehow God was no longer pouring it into these other people.

And so in a world we barely understand,
we hear something that makes sense to an unhappy mind,
twisting these into thinking they must destroy lives
to better enjoy their own miserable existence.

And in the end, I think their pain still exists,
and they come to realize the believed in something false...
because their lives are no better,
but simply witness their own emptiness all the more.

Are you and I somehow wrecking our own world,
in hopes of finding something better for ourselves?
Do we sabotage our own lives,
believing the lies of satan?

Will you live in envy of what God has given someone else?
Or will you look to find His blessings in you own life?

Stop wrecking you life, and those of others,
simply because you dont understand why your is miserable.

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