Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Post: Risk & Vulnerability

Whether you see me as a real criminal,
Or just a dumb- unfortunate drunk,
I share a common theme with all offenders/convicts/felons...
I do things for myself because I don't trust others, or God, for my best.

Scientific theory seeks to quantify with mathematical probability what will happen,
But God cannot be put in a test-tube,
And what He does for one person,
He may not specifically do for another.
But He is still here, even when we cannot predict the outcome.

Faith is not seeking God's blessings for me that He has shown you.
Faith is knowing God will do something-
And believing it could be better than I ever imagined!

"Will you be 'ok'... if Jesus isn't everything you want?"

Was Moses the first to see the burning bush?
Or was he only the first to stop and hear God in it?

God may not show up the way you and I expect.

Will I allow myself 
To risk vulnerability
By answering God's call
To stand before others
And share both my sorrows and triumphs?

If you are not perfect
You need not give up.
Christ has already come to die for our imperfections,
And we need not fear He will reject us after this act of love.

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