Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Post: "What Value is One Life?"

God has allowed me to have two beautiful children,
full of life, joy, energy...
they make each day enjoyable 
More than I ever could have known without them!

But yesterday, we lost a child - an unborn child.
My wife was 11-weeks pregnant,
she was feeling pain and experiencing some bleeding.
So we went to that hospital and learned the child was gone.

We lost a child we had yet to know,
and we are devastated by the news.

How could we feel so much for a child we never met?

Why does the pain feel so real before there was any true attachment?

I have cried a dozen small times since learning the news,
And yet I am ready to cry even more - 
On my knees,
Wherever I may be,
And whatever I am doing.

I don't want to hold the tears in.
I want to let them out.
I want to know the pain and the anguish,
And in this deepest level of feeling, 
I believe I understand God, and this world, in a whole new way.

Can you imagine what He must feel for you and me?
Can you believe He feels any less for our suffering?

And what of those who refuse Him, and have never come to know Him?
Can He love them any less than I loved this child?

I don't know how to handle all these feelings on my own,
But I do know I was never meant to go throug this experience alone.

I have friends, family, and a community of fellow believers 
whose prayers I feel even now.

Our anguish is real, and yet so is our comfort.
Thank You God, for not leaving us alone in this difficult time.
Thank You God for reminding us of Your love.

And thank You that we don't have to live in this broken world forever.
It is far from perfect, yet we can have hope in a future with You in heaven.

We believe our child is there even now,
Being greeted by both our earthly fathers.

Thank You God for not leaving our child alone.

Are you struggling with a hurt?
Are you considering abortion?

Whatever you are going through,
Would you consider finding a group of others who have gone through the same experience?

Don't try to live the hardest days of your life by yourself.
Because you don't have to go through it alone.

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