Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Post: "Too Close to Listen & Hear"

Too Close to Listen & Hear

We often ignore a parent's direction, or even a friend's words,
but why do we ignore and even avoid their advice?

Do we believe they are misguided, wrong, or intentionally misleading us?

I have heard it said that gaining Wisdom
only comes from experience and thoughtful examination.

This raises the question: Can we teach Wisdom?

Why do we have such a problem learning 
by listening to the words of others?

Teachers will confirm our retention and understanding through tests,
so perhaps wisdom can only be gained by living out our life choices,
then affirmed by looking back at the outcome? 

Maybe those of us who want to impart wisdom,
or assist our loved-ones in making better choices,
should first slow down how we think,
and first look at improving the way we provide direction.

What if we are just not gifted at helping people?

What if we need to learn how 
to deliver our message in a more compelling manner?

What if we first ask better questions to understand their thinking,
and in turn maybe they learn more about themselves in the process?

Our job may be less about providing guidance,
and more showing God's abundant love & grace.

Will God forgive their poor choices? (Absolutely!)
Will He forgive us for being poor friends? (Yes!)

In the bible, Job's friends had a choice to convict and condemn,
or to walk alongside in love.

Maybe our job is to give less wisdom, and more grace. 

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