Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Post: "You, Me, and the Good Samaritan."

You, Me, and the Good Samaritan

Life can get messy.

To improve, it can require resources of time, effort, energy, and finances.

Compassion often only comes at a great cost; to our comfort, security, and even our safety.

It may require us to put-off what we want more; missing an appointment, less money to spend, less time for our own projects, or fun with friends.

Is there any benefit?

What if the result only benefits others? Or can only be to glorify God?

Is that enough?

And my interpretation of what Christ has to say?  
We are to love God with all we are, and to love our neighbor with all we have.
Who then is our neighbor?

We have enough, but want more.
We come up with ideas, and want them all to happen right away - like now!
And what we have now isnt enough for us to simply stop to enjoy today.

Leaving our plans in God's hands,
takes control away from us.

And having a lack of control scares me,
because I dont always trust God (to provide for what I need most)

So if we dont get what we want right now,
can we still trust Him with what is best for us?

And perhaps we dont give more of ourselves to help others,
because we fear there wont be enough left over afterwards.

The Challenge: Trust God, 
to re-fill our energy, 
provide enough time and money, 
and overflow our cup with joy in helping others reach more.

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