Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Post: "Anger is Not Always Bad"

KAnger is Not Always Bad

Its what comes after we get angry that makes it bad.
Its the way we act when we get angry.

When I am angry,
I have often thought of taking a baseball bat,
Letting everything out through a physical release and breaking things.

Then, I use the God-given creativity to think about this destruction.
I imagine the broken pieces flying around.
I feel the surge of aggression coming out.
I can see everything I have touched,
and once my anger is spent,
I visualize the what remains,
and I am sad.

The words I use in anger always hurt,
and these are always worse result.
This too leaves me feeling remorse.

So what do we do in our anger?

Do we let it out?
Do we shout and rage and lash out in our fury?

And if so, what happens afterward?

I find that my anger usually comes from fear,
and that fear is because I am afraid to lose something.
Perhaps fear of losing my freedom and independence,
my safety or resources.
Deep down, I fear that things wont turn-out 'ok'.
I am afraid that I am not in control, 
and that God wont work things out the way I want.

And this is where my sadness arises,
because I dont get to have things my way.

Perhaps the visualization is the best process to have:
I get to release my anger in some way,
but it is not through my outward behavior.
However it cannot stop here, 
otherwise the process would be incomplete,
and at some time in the future 
I may be unable to stop in my rage.
I must focus on the after effects of the sadness.

I am sad I didnt get my way, 
but I am also sad about the destruction I imagined causing.

So if I destroy my 'things', then I am without their use anymore.
Then I must attempt to fix or replace them.
And like our possessions, 
people arent so easy to repair or replace.

What makes you more sad?
Losing people?
Losing the use of your things?
Or for a few minutes, losing your mind and time to imagine what could happen?

I dont want to lose my loved ones,
and I dont want to try to replace the useful things I have acquired.

So perhaps my sadness can replace my anger,
and I can learn to live with sadness,
because I know God, and He shows me new joys each day!

Anger and sadness are both a choice,
And each can rob and steal the joy from life.
I choose to release my Anger,
Then to replace my sadness with hope 
that comes from knowing God in an intimate way,
Because my ways are not always best,
And I can ways learn more by listening and following Christ' leading.

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