Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Post: "Tempted to Get Drunk On Success"

Tempted to Get Drunk On Success

Each of us has our own view of personal success
and from what I can tell - no two are the same.
However- it seems our focus on being successful
can rob us of from the joy God wants for us right now.

But aside from what God wants for you,
could you be seeking "Success" 
for any reason which could be unclear to you?

The ego we each carry
tells us when something is missing
but could it be wrong?

Are you believing the lie 
that somehow earning success 
will make your life better?

Many of us struggle with acceptance,
we want to be known, 
have other people care for and believe in us,
and we want to know our lives matter in some way.

In my own life, I have sought success for personal gain;
to be released from prison, 
to find and keep a job I enjoy,
to have friends who care for me,
to be part of a loving family,
all so I can be validated 
as a person worthy of freedom and love-
in spite of my crimes and sins.
But even these dont prove my value or worth.

In my personal relationships,
I have known men of power and influence,
men who have found some version of 'success',
whether on the streets, 
in a boardroom, 
by promotions in the military, 
through positions in the government,
or leaders and church pastors in the community,
and each has given me glimpse 
that no matter what they find upon 'arriving'
something was always missing,
until they felt compelled to seek MORE.

The compelling desire for success through more...
more applause,
more money,
more fame,
more influence and control,
more health,
more power,
until the striving for success becomes it owns fulfillment.

"Striving to become more of themselves,
they instead found more disappointment."
- Author Unknown

The desire for success is ingrained in each of us,
it is neither good nor bad,
it is an indication that we are not quite happy with this world.

And so we seek to change the one thing we can control-
our own behavior.

Are you seeking to become 
more of the person who God made you to be?
Or, are you striving for approval from 'others'?
Will you ever be able to validate yourself?

I will tell you a secret...
you are already unconditionally loved, 
totally accepted, 
and completely forgiven!
You Are Already Significant.

Will you accept this truth and walk in faith of God's grace for you?

You already belong, can be secure in, and find you matter to Christ.

I can work harder to please others,
to find validation in the accomplishments of my children,
to seek appreciation from those I work with,
I can strive for more Success, and God will still love me.
But I can also rest in His love,
and trust Him to guide me in the ways He wants me to be successful.

What if... God wants you to be successful in a way you never imagined?

Pastor Rick Warren was once a 'Worship Leader',
which in my interpretation mean-
he lead others in musical praise and songs.
It is where Rick wanted to find success, however...
that is not what I believe God wanted for him,
and Rick could now be seen as the most influential pastor today.

What if... your marriage falls apart, 
or you never find a full-time job after prison,
you lose your house to bankruptcy,
or you family disowns you from the addictions that claimed much of your life,
do you believe God can still use you?

Finding success today may fell incredible,
but what if it disappears tomorrow and you never recapture it?

Could you believe... in God's potential inside of you,
more than your own potential in the world?

Striving for success may satisfy us now,
but how we seek it,
and what we do with the success,
matters more because once life is over,
no one may remember what you did.

Find your success in knowing the One,
who will matter in this life And the next.

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