Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Post: "A Failure of My Words"

Sometimes my Words fail me.

I can get the sleep and food I need
But still miss finding the right things to say or write.

I can seek to have more time on my own,
Escape from being around other people and distractions 
Yet continue to search for the best language to use.

Why do you suppose this is?

I would submit this: that we are Incomplete on our own.

I don't mean that we must find the "right" people to be around;
Those who could coach us and inspire how we communicate.
What I mean is we are missing something internally.

Some Mystics have said it is the nature of man 
to seek that which he doesn't know is lost to him.
But what does that include?
  • Knowledge of one-self?
  • Knowledge of the universe?
  • Scientific understanding?
  • Perfect logic?
  • Emotionally connected to all living things?
These all seem worthy of pursuit,
Yet I would say these all still seem to limit us 
With one infallible quantity that is inescapable...
We are looking for these - all on our own.

In other words, we are expecting Man 
to be or find all the answers to Mankinds problems.
And I don't believe it.

This concept sets us to believe that we can Create and discover 
all we will ever need to know for being happy.
But I think we are missing something, 
And it is the "unknowable" God,
Who we can never fully understand or explain.

I have a personal relationship with Him,
And He leads me in ways I could never explain on my own.
But more than that, God brings me to places in life
That I would naturally avoid.

Then only when I trust in Him,
And push through the boundries of my comfort zone,
Do I find a greater place of peace and joy.
I cannot tell you the boundaries of His power,
But I can tell you that God loves me, and has not left me alone.

Following His ways may mean turning down some things that appeal to me,

But instead I find it may allow me a Chance of being great- and not merely good.

To do this though, I must understand that my role in life
May be different from what society says I should focus on.
And I find I must Dare to Live Differently, and quit trying to be "Average".
Average says to find the Easy way, not the best.
Average says to look for the quickest ways to accomplish a goal,
And not take our time to find the path that leads to a lasting success.

If you could only find greatness,
By asking someone else to help you every step of the way,
Would you do it?

I have seen the smartest of scientists, philosophers, and psychologists 
All seek to explain humanity,
Only to to miss out on their own personal happiness
Because their work drove them to solitude.
Does that make them great? Or just lonely?

The greatest achievements we may ever be able to accomplish,

May come by slowing down, and working on the smaller parts of life first.
Then finding success when we have learned patience,
And the power to rely on someone greater than ourselves 
To provide the inspiration we truly seek.

What could you give-up now,
To reach a more worthy goal ten-years from now?

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