Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Post: "Am I Enough for God? Or, will I tarnish His Glory?"

Am I Enough for God? Or, will I tarnish His Glory?

There is a fear inside many of us...
because we know not why we are alive.

The world tells us life is about our personal joy, 
as if what we can learn, achieve, or experience,
will be enough to fulfill our lives.

And then we hear someone tell us that God is for us;
that He loves us, and wants a personal relationship with us.

This brings us to the same destination, 
even though we started from two different 'places on the map',
and it is a lie... because
life is not about us.

You and I are not going to find happiness
living in a world of self-importance.

Yes- God is for us, but our life is not about our own self-interests,
nor can we explore the deepest recesses of ourselves to find the answer.

Our lives are meant to bring glory to God,
by living on purpose to serve Him in the lives of other people.

And here is where we find 
that You and I live in a state of constant tension.

Its as if we look at a 'sword',
and we only pay attention to the sharp tip and cutting edges,
yet we miss or forget the sword is made of a shaft,
and if this is weak, the sword will break. 

Glory can be given to God in the achievements we make,
but we do not live to make achievements.

God loves us and wants to live in the center of our lives,
but it is not for our personal gain that He does so.
It is that we may in turn reflect His love back to Him.
And here is where we may start to wonder if this is even possible. 

This is what I mean, the dichotomy exists because...

we may want to bring glory to God in all we do,
yet we often find ourselves falling short of this goal.
Then we question if anything we can do is ever good enough,
and we wonder if we should quit trying altogether.

Did you catch it?
We 'hear' from various sources
that if we find success in the world, we will be happy.
Or- that when we have a deep relationship with God,
we will find great personal fulfillment.
Next- we come to realize that neither is altogether true,
so we begin to live for Him, and find our purpose renewed,
then we castigate ourselves because our service to Him is imperfect.

And each of these present a place where Satan looks to derail us;
because we lose sight of what Christ wanted for us.

We stop focusing on God, and look more at our own capabilities.
And it may even sound good: 
'Can I ever gain enough money or fame 
to make an impact for God's believers here on earth?'
Satan loves this because it is not about God's kingdom, but our worthiness.

Next, we dump on ourselves for making mistakes,
or failing to attain some goal,
and we say our failure could mean we are not truly valuable.
But once again, we make it about us, and not His unending love.

To make it personal-
I dont need my children to love me back for me to love them.
They dont even need to agree with everything I do.
But they must acknowledge me as their father,
and do their best to walk along with me in the way I am leading our family.

God does not need our service.
And we can never add to or take away from His glory.

All we can do is meet Him where the Holy Spirit leads us.
And when we do this, we may find the comfort of His bosom,
or we could find a drought from His presence,
but both have the same question...

Will you trust God and walk in obedience to Him,
when you arent sure if He is nearby,
or you question if you are even on the right path?

Continually seek Him,
then find ways to serve, even after you fail.
This is what makes for a strong relationship with God in my life.
Could it help in yours?

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