Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Post: "Crushed by Adversity, but Free from the Prison of Fear"

Crushed by Adversity, but Free from the Prison of Fear

Is this the end of hope?

With all the stories we hear each day
of attacks, destruction, death, illness, catastrophe, pain and heartache,
have we lost the belief
that anything truly good will ever again happen?

Or - are the End-Times upon us?

When you read the news, 
listen to the television broadcasts,
what are we left to conclude?

How do we see a way out?

In this question lies the solution
because in the end we find that
we cannot see the 'way-out' on our own.

If we listen closely to these same News stories, 
we may find the single most important part,
what the people did next...
they went and found help.

No matter what you are experiencing today, this week, or this year,
there is a way-through that may only become known
when you step-out to ask someone for assistance.

You will not appear weak - but we often fear this lie,
because strength is found when we admit we dont have the answers,
and we live in weakness when we hide from our fears,
to only exist within our old patterns of behavior and broken habits.

I didnt prepare for prison on my own.
I didnt get through prison on my own,
I didnt get through parole, probation, and three-years of joblessness,
by waiting for answers to come to me.
I went and found help by asking questions:
Where do I go now?
How can I get through this?
What do you recommend that I do next?

When do we lose hope?
When we cant see a way through.

Anger, fear, and frustration come,
when we cannot think, find, or create on our own,
a new path to overcome.

Why do we get mad at our kids? The boss? Or anyone?
Because we lack something...
call it Power, Creativity, Education, Emotional-Stability, whatever you want.
We become so focused on the 'moment',
that we lose the ability to see any alternative choices,
until we explode in fear and anger,
or we implode into depression, addictions, and negative thinking.

Let me make something more clear:
I continue to hear stories of parents who lose their child,
to illness, or some terrible accident,
and their pain will never disappear by having more 'options',
but I do see those who cope with the painful loss
by allowing others to come alongside and help them,
until they learn a new way of living,
that allows them to see a way through.

And if this is the 'End-of-the-World'?
Then I need not be afraid,
because I know where I will be after this is all gone,
because I have faith in Someone who is beyond my small thinking.

Do you live in fear? Or- have you found something to believe in beyond yourself? 

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