Monday, December 21, 2015

New Post: "Would You Accept an Unwanted Gift?"

Would You Accept an Unwanted Gift?

It's Christmas time, when gifts are freely given,
But are you prepared to receive?

A gift can come in many forms:
- in freedom from incarceration or slavery,
- in a specific talent few can perform as well,
- the gift of knowing financial freedom from debt,
- the gift of earning a great reward,
- the gift of your life, perhaps from an illness,
- the gift of life for another whom you care for deeply,
- the gift of a compliment from someone special,
- perhaps the gift of mercy from punishment,
- even the gift of love given you by someone unfamiliar,
- or the gift of a child's birth to a family who has struggled,
- maybe even the gift of finding peace for that same family 
after the death of their long awaited child,
- or the gift of food and water to someone who is starving,
- and the gift of hope to those who have known great despair.

Each of these gifts has one thing in common:
They must be accepted to be received, 
and yet... they are appreciated differently by how we view them.

So let me ask the deeper question;
Have you ever shown grace to someone
Who gave you a gift you didn't want?

Perhaps in high-school, it was a person who declared their love for you,
But you had no interest for them in return.

Or, a parent's gift of a car, but an older model or color than you wanted.

Maybe the gift didn't come when you desired, 
And when it did... You were still disappointed because it came so late.

Perhaps genuine Grace & Appreciation 
are something we can provide to those 
who have given us something of themselves in the gift we receive.

You may receive the gift of a compliment for something you did,
From someone you don't know, or don't like,
But you can still receive the gift with a spirit of love,
And in return show appreciation for the person
Who made the effort in the first place.

What if they were nervous, and they stuttered verbally?
Is the compliment any less authentic?

We don't need to shower a person with affection for their compliment,
But a gift received in disgust turns the event into something negative,
Until people will question why they bothered to try,
Or whether you were worthy to receive it in the first place.

Don't waste what could be a beautiful opportunity
By discarding what could be someone's best effort
To make us feel special.

Thank them, 
For their kindness,
Even if what they gave,
Isn't what you want,
Perhaps especially then!

Few people will give to someone
Who shows no appreciation for what has been offered before.

And maybe we can practice now,
By learning to show thankfulness
And prepare for the gifts that will come,
So we can give then something in return...
Honor and Respect for what they have done for us.

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