Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Post: "Instead of Guilt- Do better Tomorrow"

Instead of Guilt- Do better Tomorrow

You did it again-
the same mistake, 
a repeat of the same slip-up...
that snap in anger,
the verbal abuse you've worked to overcome,
the spending you promised to cut back on,
whatever it is,
you cannot seem to stop,
and all you ever have afterwards is guilt.

What happens we we continue in the same issues?
We build repetitive behaviors that become self-fulfilling.
But this isnt the worst part-
you have been working hard to overcome the past,
and now the what makes it even more difficult,
is how hard you come down on yourself,
allowing your inner monologue to beat-up yourself.

Whatever it is you struggle with,
all you ever remember
is how you dont deserve to feel good about yourself.

We trip over ourselves along the way in our 'recovery',
and then we take on that extra burden of shame and regret,
until the battle seems to tough and we want to give-up.

But what if- you didnt?

What if you didnt,
wallow in the misery of your own failed expectations?

What if you didnt,
allow yourself to feel like a failure?

What if instead- you agreed with the Devil?

That's right- change the inner monologue you listen to
by telling Satan that he is right!

You made another misstep, but...
you will do better tomorrow.

What if you didnt do the Devil's job for him,
by attacking yourself for your failures?

What if you agreed with Satan that you made that mistake again, but...
instead of focusing on the guilt and frustration,
you sought a different way to respond tomorrow.
Then try that new method.

Take the extra breathe.
Wait that extra minute.
Consider another option.
Ask the "better" question,
as in- "What's the better thing to do now?"

Dont React, but instead- Respond.

God created us each with incredible power,
but we seem too afraid to use it,
because we are fearful of doing something new and different.

Could the outcome still 'suck'? Yes!
However- you wont find new paths through the darkness,
until you try shining a new light on the problems.

The power you have to overcome wont reveal itself
while you continue to live in regret for the past.

"You're right Satan, I screwed up again.
But tomorrow- I will try something different."

Could you use new words 
in the vocabulary you use to speak to yourself?

Then dont worry so much about repeating a mistake,
and instead focus more on how it can be different and better the next time!

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