Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Post: "A Year Of Hope"

A Year of Hope

Its 2016
and ten(10) years ago,
my life changed.

I wrecked my car by driving drunk,
injuring two-people in another vehicle,
then went to prison for felony assault charges.

After completing an intense 6-month program,
I was released early with eighteen months served.

Some people would say I "got-off easy",
others would say the charges were too extreme.

Yet in this, all that matters.. 
is what I do with the rest of my life.

I have learned to be vulnerable,
and in this realized how much we all fear vulnerability.

I have learned to be content with "enough",
and yet I see how many of us fear not having enough.

I have learned to see myself as valuable and important,
but I see the desperation of those whose dont know their own value,
questioning whether they will ever be truly important.

I see that many of us have toxic thoughts,
and yet we all desire rest from the poison our minds create.

I know that our desires can empower us, or destroy us.

I feel that many of us desire love, but few of us know what it looks like.

And this is where Christ met me, in the middle of my mess.

He asked, "Are you to know Me?"
And I said- "I already do!"
to which He replied, "Yes, on your own terms."

I asked Him what I should do.
And He said, "look for me, right where you are now."

God sent His son to show us what love was meant to look like.
And Satan has showed us many ways 
the appearance of love can be warped, confused, and overlooked.

Its the person who gives with mercy,
when instead they want to protect themselves.

Love walks in when their estranged child destroys their life and has nothing left.
It shows up in the speaker whose stomach turns in knots before a speech.
Love shows up in humility when southern blacks were allowed to ride the city bus as equals.
Love releases hate, even when the pain has burned hot for so long.

Love appears when Jesus opens His arms to forgive,
even when our fears confuse us to tears.

Its in the tension where hope and fear meet.

Next year, I can ask for an "expungement".
Meaning my public record would be wiped clear and sealed up.

Will someone oppose this?
But I will do it anyway.
And whether God grants my request,
I will still speak of His love for me.

Because Hope, Faith, and Love,
are more important for me than fear or rejection.

And with these, I will continue to encourage others.
Never give-up.

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